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Can't talk about the boards on the boards? Vent here.

TWOP Boards: Discuss, vent and rage about 'em!
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You've been to TWOP. You've visited the forums.

You've read the FAQ.

You know the rules: "You can't talk about the boards on the boards."

You know the plea: "If you're banned, please don't complain about TWOP on another site."

Now throw that all away. If you want to talk about the TWOP boards, you can't do it there... but you can sure as hell do it here!

This is the place to discuss the happenings of the TWOP forums. But primarily, this is the place to vent and to bitch.

Here, you can bitch about anything or anyone. Let's face it — the TWOP forums can be a dark, cold place. All too often, disagreeing with the recappers gets you a public mocking. Or trying to discuss something about a show's fanbase — like, say, discussing a campaign to save a dying show — is against the rules and punishable. Heck, you can't type a post that's too lengthy, but you can't break your post up into multiple parts and post them in a row, either. So what are you going to do?

Let freedom ring. Talk about the boards and take comfort, for The Man can do nothing to stop you.