happy is as happy does (happywriter06) wrote in twopboards,
happy is as happy does

Another place to vent. Cool!

So I vented about how I got a warning I didn't deserve. Turns out I deserved it. What I didn't deserve is the attitude. 

- They are quick to warn your ass but getting back to you after you've explained the situation. Not so fast. 
- And then I feel like I'm antagonizing them if I defend myself because they basically tell you that if you speak up for yourself, it's a no-no. 
(What kind of shit is that?)
- Now I get why some people say the mods over there think they are gods or something. 

I will say this though, they tell you to watch that you aren't getting smart or whatever with other posters but that totally doesn't stop them from getting smart with you. I mean if there are no posters, no board. I hate that shit. I made a mistake. I didn't kill anyone. It really took some self-control not to call the mod out. Just totally uncalled for. Maybe I will check out that "I hate TWoP" website just to see.

Like I said, I do love TWoP but I wouldn't be surprised if in a few months, I stop going over there. I've always had a problem with the attitude of the mods that I've had the pleasure of interacting with. And sometimes people are just so over the top over there that they totally take the fun out of reading the posts. And I really don't watch as much TV as I used to anyway. And now I have LJ. YAY!!
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