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Ahhh, Miss Alli. The most imfamous power-mad moderator on that forum. She seems to love warning people even if it's not necessary (in fact, especially if it's not necessary). I really wish she wasn't in charge of the TAR area. *mournful sigh*

I posted a message like this on one of the The Amazing Race threads:

That is so true, Sleepy Head. To some people who can afford it, integrity is more important than money.

(more "unobjectionable" post here)

Miss Alley then posted a message to the effect of:

Watch how you're posting that message. Don't insinuate that integrity is more important than money as if it were fact.

To which I responded to her post:

I will edit the post right now. Please let me know if it's now more acceptable through an email and I will change it if it's not.

I then amended the original post to read:

That is so true, Sleepy Head. To some people who can afford it (their lives/livelihood do not depend upon the outcome of the race), their personal integrity is more important to them than money, so they can choose to race the way they want (regardless of how "smart" it may be).

(other irrelevant post)

ETA: I have altered my wording, Miss Alli. Please send me an email if it needs to be changed and I will gladly do so immediately.

As you can see, I made it explicitly clear (and politely, no less) that I was more than willing to alter the post if given proper instructions on how exactly it was 'offensive.' But lo and behold, I found minutes later that I was unable to edit my post and wondered why until I refreshed. I had been issued a 'Warning.'

Dude, no. "Personal integrity is more important TO THEM than money" is... absolutely no different. Please don't persist in drawing false comparisons after you're asked not to.

If she had been a bit clearer about what the fuck she was talking about in the first place, I could have just deleted the entire first paragraph altogether and none of this mess would have happened at all. But I guess it's more fun for her to just issue Warnings instead of explaining herself.

I emailed her saying:
Um, I told you several times that all you had to do was email me and I would alter the post in question. It was completely unnecessary to issue me a Warning when you knew that I would change the post if asked to.

I have reposted my message. If you find anything wrong with it this time, PLEASE EMAIL ME AND TELL ME HOW TO CHANGE IT!

I used capital letters so that she wouldn't miss reading that part (in case she hadn't read it when I said it the first two times). I then posted a message to this effect on the Bugs/Feedback section (being utterly sincere, incidentally):

I was wondering if it's possible to enable it so that the moderators on this forum (or whatever term is used here) can partially edit a post rather than just deleting posts and issuing unnecessary warnings.

I had posted a message in a forum and was addressed by the moderator about a part of it that she found unacceptable. I responded that I was going to alter it and if she still found it objectionable, she could simply email me (since there is no PM system here) and I would alter it immediately. I later had the entire post deleted (the whole thing, even though there were parts of it that were perfectly fine) and was issued a Warning, despite the fact that she had been told explicitly that I was perfectly willing to edit the post if it was not acceptable in any way.

I then noticed a scant one minute later that my post had disappeared and I now had 3 warnings on my docket, the latest one which simply said:

Man, you need to find another place to post.

How eloquent. How sweet. How not-aknowledging-that-the-fault-was-hers.

I still contend that enabling the PM system on that board would prevent a lot of Warnings from being issued, but I'm thinking the moderators are simply too lazy to want to do more than clicking a button and banning/warning someone rather than actually telling someone what they find wrong with their posts (especially with posts that haven't broken any obvious rules; a lot of these Mod Notes are subjective and are basically up to the mods' whims as to who gets spoken to and who doesn't).

Now I remember why I chose not to post there for over a year. Jesus Christ. I've never actually seen such a lazy, spiteful, power-mad moderator at a forum before I saw Miss Alley. Are all of the moderators this petty/lazy?
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