Wade (neidhart) wrote in twopboards,

"The board administrator is no longer accepting any new registrations at the moment."

Is this a bug?

I've been 20% warned for years and unable to post, but my account now seems to have disappeared entirely. And when I tried to re-register, I got the message above. Are the boards too crowded? Or are they closing down?
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"Hi all, sorry for the hassle but we've suspended registration and account editing while we work through some issues here. You may also notice your email now reads memberXXX@televisionwithoutpity.com -- don't worry you'll be able to change that soon too. The email change also affects topic subs until all editing is turning back on.


That's from Glark.
Thanks -- I swear that announcement wasn't there yesterday!

(Aside: I emailed Sars a year ago asking when and if my posting suspension would be lifted. Never got a reply; apparently she's got better things to do than acknowledge peons like me.)
The TWoP control freaks rarely acknowledge the peons. That's why they're so universally loved. [/sarcasm]