why's everything gotta be so intense with me (coendou) wrote in twopboards,
why's everything gotta be so intense with me

Banned from TWOP and I'm not sure why.

Ok, a few weeks ago I got my first warning. I posted something on the AI that started with a reference to others hating Taylor. The warning claimed that "We've asked repeatedly that you not do that." even though I'd NEVER gottten a Note or a Warning before, ever. Maybe they said something in a thread, but I don't always scan threads for replies to my comments - in fact, there are many threads that I only visit every couple of weeks, or only once in the case of some episode threads. So I'd never seen anyone ask me not to do that. I knew there was a "no talking about the boards" rule, but since I've never, in a decade of internet use, EVER been on another message board with a rule against referencing other people's opinions, it was easy to forget. I'm sorry, and I haven't done it again. It's a weird rule, but it's their playground, I'll play by it.

Then today I get another Warning saying: "Banned for derailing the AI thread and getting way intense." I can't even figure out what this is in reference to. I posted in a lot of AI threads last night (it being the finale), I have no clue which one I "derailed." I've been very careful to keep my posts on-topic (and to never talk about the boards again!). I didn't realize there was an intensity level that cannot be crossed without immediate banning, and I don't even think I was particularly intense in any of my recent posts.

I only have one theory. When I checked my last 10 posts, there was one that was gone (though others may have been deleted - I don't memorize my posts - so who knows). Someone made some reference to Taylor's family not liking Toni Braxton b/c she's black. I replied that it was probably more because she was grinding against him like a stripper (paraphrased). The OP replied (paraphrased again) "That's how all R&B singers dance, his parents should have expected it!" And then my deleted reply to this said, basically, "Oh really? If all R&B singers dance like that, then why didn't Mary J Blige hump Elliot during his song?" (and that's close to the exact wording, as best as I can remember - it was only a sentence or so). THAT was too intense? People were talking all over the thread about Toni's behavior - almost every reaction post to the show mentioned it. How can it be derailing when it's talking about something that happened in the episode in the episode thread??

So I guess I'm banned. It doesn't sound like that's much to be ashamed of - I've seen several references lately to people having new names b/c of prior banning. AI being over, I doubt I'll bother to reregister at least til next season.

And damn it, it has taken all of my self-control not to bitch every freaking week about how much both of the recappers hate Taylor and blast him as hard as they can in every recap. I've been damn good.
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