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Another place to vent. Cool! 
08:15pm 03/04/2007
mood: annoyed
So I vented about how I got a warning I didn't deserve. Turns out I deserved it. What I didn't deserve is the attitude. 

- They are quick to warn your ass but getting back to you after you've explained the situation. Not so fast. 
- And then I feel like I'm antagonizing them if I defend myself because they basically tell you that if you speak up for yourself, it's a no-no. 
(What kind of shit is that?)
- Now I get why some people say the mods over there think they are gods or something. 

I will say this though, they tell you to watch that you aren't getting smart or whatever with other posters but that totally doesn't stop them from getting smart with you. I mean if there are no posters, no board. I hate that shit. I made a mistake. I didn't kill anyone. It really took some self-control not to call the mod out. Just totally uncalled for. Maybe I will check out that "I hate TWoP" website just to see.

Like I said, I do love TWoP but I wouldn't be surprised if in a few months, I stop going over there. I've always had a problem with the attitude of the mods that I've had the pleasure of interacting with. And sometimes people are just so over the top over there that they totally take the fun out of reading the posts. And I really don't watch as much TV as I used to anyway. And now I have LJ. YAY!!
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Anybody else having this problem with the TWOP forums? 
11:23am 24/03/2007
  Is anybody else having a problem getting into the TWOP forums? Yes, I received a warning a few days ago but it's the first warning I've ever received (I'm a video archivist). Under the new Bravo system I had to clicky a ticky box acknowledging that I received the warning, and ever since then I can't get in. I've tried logging out and I can't get in. I've tried using hubby's computer and I still can't get in. The pages go all blinky-wonky, I get the "website found, wating for reply" at the bottom of my screen with a little black clock I've never seen before on any website, and then "IE cannot display this webpage."  
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"The board administrator is no longer accepting any new registrations at the moment." 
05:22pm 11/03/2007
  Is this a bug?

I've been 20% warned for years and unable to post, but my account now seems to have disappeared entirely. And when I tried to re-register, I got the message above. Are the boards too crowded? Or are they closing down?
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09:31pm 24/10/2006
mood: Irritated
Ahhh, Miss Alli. The most imfamous power-mad moderator on that forum. She seems to love warning people even if it's not necessary (in fact, especially if it's not necessary). I really wish she wasn't in charge of the TAR area. *mournful sigh*

Long rant hereCollapse )

Now I remember why I chose not to post there for over a year. Jesus Christ. I've never actually seen such a lazy, spiteful, power-mad moderator at a forum before I saw Miss Alley. Are all of the moderators this petty/lazy?
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Banned from TWOP and I'm not sure why. 
05:30pm 25/05/2006
  I totally don't get it.Collapse )  
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09:16pm 09/04/2006
  Hee hee, I got suspended for sassing Sars.  
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Some Eva-licious drama! 
02:35am 14/06/2005
mood: amused

I thought y'all might enjoy this the most!



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09:43pm 07/06/2005

Check out Miss Alli's old fanfics! Are they as crappy as her recaps and boards? You be the judge!
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01:19pm 27/05/2005
  hey, twop-fucknuts! learn to fucking deal with somebody thinking you're a moron. i'm sorry, but i don't see how me posting about how some people on the gilmore girls board seem to have problems with rich people deserves a tombstoning. i mean, hypersensitive much?  
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15/15 SUX 
12:58am 27/05/2005
mood: accomplished
Why should i have to read 15 pages or 15 days of a thread? i mean, who cares what others think? It's probably just stupid anyway. i never read back and I always get those stupid warnings, i don't know why because i'm always nice enough to tell everyone I don't care what they have to say! like i have time to read all that crap!!!!11

it doesn't matter anyway because i know that whatever i have to say hasn't been said before. i'm so unique and original! god i'm so kewl!

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02:41pm 14/05/2005
  You know as far as recapping I didnt mind Strega, but when it comes to the boards thats another story. I cant tell you how many times I have been reading a thread and enjoying myself only to have Strega butt in and ruin it. And when I snarked back to her or made remarks about it to other users I was almost instantly banned. And I thought it was just me for a while until I found this community. It's a shame I dindt find this sooner when all my rants were fresh, but now that a good chunk of my shows are cancelled and ended, I dont really wander over to TWOP that much. As far as forums and good places to talk about tv... I have found that tvtome is a decent place, and you dont have the Mod Gods and the Mod sheep banning you left and right. I'm just glad I'm not the only one who had/has a problem with TWOP. Good luck to you all.

Television Without Pity: spare the members, spoil the fun.
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Whatever happened to Aaron? 
09:18pm 05/05/2005
  TWOP's greatest mystery is definitely the disappearance of recapper Aaron, one-time master of The Sopranos and Carnivale, among others. When he vanished, readers were not allowed to ask what happened to him on the boards by threat of warning/banning. One presumes he was fired, but why? Anyone have any ideas? Guesses? Conspiracy theories?